Full Worm Moon first of two in March

Full Moon 

SAN ANTONIO - March has arrived and it brings us TWO Full Moons. The first full moon arrives tonight, March 1st at 6:51pm, right after the sun sets at 6:33pm.

The first full moon is known as the Full Worm Moon. Native American tribes in the northern and eastern U.S. gave the full moon this name because it's always the last full moon before spring. So as spring arrives and temperatures begin to warm up, worms begin to rise up from under the ground.

Another name is the Full Sap Moon; when sap begins to fall from maple trees.

Northern Tribes know this moon as the Crow Moon because crows begin to caw due to the end of winter.

It's also known as the Crust Moon because snow becomes crusted due to ice melting in the day and then freezing again overnight.

This full moon is known to be a sacred period of rebirth and new beginnings as winter comes to an end and spring begins.

If you miss this one, the next full moon will be on March 31; known as the Blue Moon.

Luckily for us, we don’t have to worry about any thick clouds covering the sky tonight, so you can’t miss out on this Full Worm Moon. It is going to be partly cloudy and cooler, but perfect weather to see the moon. If you get to take any pictures, share them with us by texting the word SHARE to 44332 or you can CLICK HERE...

References: NASA and National Geographic

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