Texas A&M AgriLife offers insect based dinner event


SAN ANTONIO---Eat any tasty bugs lately? Texas A&M Agrilife is having a unique culinary experience to do just that!

So what you're going to be able to try is something like Fire Ant Queso Dip, or maybe some enchiladas where the tortillas are made out of crickets. How about that! Or my favorite Flan Cake sprinkles with some honey and some cinnamon sugar crickets.

But if you're like me the one question that’s screaming inside your head is why?

Natalie Cervantes, From Texas Agrilife Extension Service explains, "They are coming to basically eat insects, that's the whole point of the bug banquet, that's the allure of it. But what we're trying to do is educate them at the same time and let them know that insects while we think of them as pretty repulsive could be a sustainable form of agriculture."

According to Natalie we already eat a lot of insects in our food that are caught up in the food processing and equipment and she says there is some nutritional value in eating the little critters.

"If you were to take the same amount of crickets and the same amount of beef you would have higher calcium, protein, zinc and other minerals and vitamins and macro-nutrients versus the beef."

It may be better for us but how do we swallow them? In tasty and creatively prepared meals that’s how. There's Fire Ant Queso Dip,

The main course is Poblano Enchiladas but with the tortillas made of ground cricket powder.

And of course the Flan with Cinnamon Sugared Crickets!

CLICK HERE to find out more about the Insecta Fiesta this Thursday...

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