Study says seniors in Bexar county receiving flu shots is low

    Flu Season

    SAN ANTONIO---a new study released today says that only 43 percent of seniors in Bexar county have gotten their flu shots.This coming off one of the deadliest flu seasons last year.

    At the Barshop Jewish Community Center seniors gather daily for activities and just to enjoy life.

    "Excuse me I'm going on tv I want to look my best you know," exclaims Yvette Russell.

    Just sitting and talking to them was such a joy.

    "maybe I might find me a husband hey!! " she says!

    And then there's Frieda,

    "93, I’m going to be 94 May 10th, I think 94, Oh I'm a doll! A real crackerdoll.”

    The study by clover health reports that compared to last year in Texas, 52% of seniors 65 and older got their shots but the seniors we spoke to take it all in stride.

    "Well it's important if you want to be here. Some people don't take shot because they have excuses but I don't," explains Russell.

    Linda Okafor, a Nurse Practitioner for Clover Health says those low percentages are not good,

    "It's really low, alarmingly low! It's actually very concerning because there are already a lot of flu results showing up. So we're seeing it already in San Antonio."

    "And if you get it you're not going to give it to anybody else, especially if you're at work or social gatherings," says Phyllis Ringel-88.

    Last year 80 thousand people died of the flu nationally and of those almost 12 thousand were Texans and more than 1300 were from the San Antonio Metro area.

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