Recent heavy rainfall testing city's ability to deal with flooding


    SAN ANTONIO---The record rainfall we've already seen is putting a strain on the city's ongoing flooding projects.

    At its worse we had more than 50 road closures due to flooding. Rightnow and we're down to four

    The 2017 bond approved 19 drainage projects all over the city as you see on this map with some not projected to be completed until 2022.

    But according to Nefi Garza, the Assistant Director for Transportation and Capital Improvements we definitely are moving in the right direction to control flooding.

    "We didn't have massive flooding like in the past. It really goes to the investment that the city of San Antonio has done."

    But he also said that's not to say there wasn't some problems.

    "There was a lot of ponding on the road, also a lot of low-water crossings but it could of drastically worse but our infrastructure was able to handle it," says Garza.

    And Garza goes on to say,

    "It really goes to the investment that the city of San Antonio has done. In the last 10 years in combination with the county and the street department we've invested over 10 billion dollars, that's billion with a B in our infrastructure throughout the city."

    He also says it's important for people to call 3-1-1 to report flooding problems.

    "That's vital because it allows us to make decisions not only on projects but also it allows us to understand where the ponding is happening, where the flooding is going on."

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