Preparations underway for Fiesta 2018

    (SBG San Antonio photo)

    Two days! Only two days away from the start of Fiesta in San Antonio! Even for someone as old as me Fiesta has always been a part of my memories as far back as I can remember. More than 100 official Fiesta events are scheduled over 11 days. It's crazy when you think about it, but it all started with a parade in 1891 to celebrate the Battle of San Jacinto and to remember the Alamo. Now fast forward 127 years and this now one of the biggest celebrations in the nation.

    And for almost all of us we show up to the events and never even think about what goes on behind the scene. So I spent the day checking out some of the preparations at La Villita for NIOSA and how it was going at the Alamodome where the carnival is setting up.

    Electrical wiring cables going up and tables being dusted off for the booths, and the booths themselves ready to put up all over La Villita.

    Check out my video of the Alamodome parking lot where the carnival is setting up and at La Villita where NIOSA will be:

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