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Preventing Mosquitoes

Living in the southern United States, we are all well aware of those pesky mosquitoes and with our temperatures rising, the mosquitoes have come out to play. With the weather pattern shifting and spring officially arriving on March 20th, warmer temperatures are headed for our area. Over this past weekend, we saw lingering showers and warmer temperatures, which is the perfect weather for mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are most active in temperatures around 80 degrees and significant rainfall likely means that there will be an outbreak of mosquitoes. Flooding creates the perfect environment for mosquitoes, due to the puddles that form during these storms. The month of March is the beginning of severe weather in San Antonio, which is when we have chances for more precipitation.

A female mosquito hatches her eggs in stagnant water. Therefore, it is important to remove any standing water! The eggs are considered to be “dry” and need water to hatch or come alive. It only takes a couple of days for these mosquitoes to fully mature. Again, with that being said, make sure to remove any standing water around your house because the mamma mosquitoes love to lay her eggs there. Remove from places like empty plant pots, puddles, and tires which can be homes for the eggs.

Another thing to be well aware of and prepared for, is that warmer temperatures cause the viruses in mosquitoes to incubate faster, which causes greater chance of infection. Go run out to any store and buy some bug spray because you will need it.

References: Preventive Pest Control

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