Cold front will jump start mountain cedar season

Mountain Cedar (SBG Photo)

SAN ANTONIO - The dreaded mountain cedar season is coming. All we need to get it going is a trigger like Tuesday's cold front.

"It's exciting," said Shannon Syring with Sylvana Research. "It's almost here."

'December.' Say that and most of us think Christmas or the holidays.

"We're expecting our first burst of mountain cedar with this cold front," Syring said.

We've been talking about this cold front, mostly about the chilly temps and chance of some rain, but it's those gusty northerly winds that will bring in this unwanted guest.

"Those northerly winds coming down, they carry the pollen down from the Hill Country into San Antonio and everyone starts calling (saying), 'what's in the air?'" Syring said. "Did cedar hit? I'm sniffling. I'm sneezing. What can I do?"

A quick inspection of the cedar trees just outside of Helotes shows the pollen buds ripening and getting ready. In a couple of weeks the mountain cedar pollens will be released, You see the color - that's why it's orange. That's why we see it on the cars and we see that orange hue in the air, These are going to be ready to release their pollen into the atmosphere.

With all the rainfall this past year the trees are healthy, green and large. All are looking to contribute to a strong mountain cedar season. And for allergy sufferers this is not good news.

"They need to number one start their medications now before it gets too heavy," Syring said. "You can start the over the counter, the antihistamine, the nasal sprays. Call your doctor make an appointment, make sure you have your prescriptions refilled."

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