Cedar out, Oak already in

Oak Pollen Facts

SAN ANTONIO- San Antonio oak trees release their pollen in late winter through spring. With that being said, Oak allergy season has arrived!!! We are currently on The Weather Channel’s top 3 Highest Pollen Hot Spots. Get ready for a runny nose, coughing, and itchy eyes… Oak Pollen is the 2nd LARGEST allergen in San Antonio.

These oak trees lie dormant in the winter and as soon as warmer temps move into the area, these trees wake up and begin to grow. The oak trees release large amounts of fine, yellow, dust-like pollen into the air in the morning. This pollen then appears on nearly anything that is outdoors, especially your car. With the seasons changing and oak pollen levels remaining high, you may not want to wash your car as often given that your shiny car could quickly become covered with yellow dust.

Listen up oak allergy suffers! Here are some tips to help you relieve the symptoms.

1. Get tested at Diagnostic Research Group here in San Antonio. They conduct skin tests to see what pollen you may be allergic to.

2. Set your air conditioner to recirculate the air inside your home to provide pollen free air inside your home.

3. You could also try using a hypoallergenic air filter to help trap any pollens that may be inside your home.

4. Limit outdoor activities in the morning, when oak counts are the highest.

Make sure to know the daily pollen count by checking our website at Make sure to click on Weather and then the Allergen tab and you will get the updated pollen counts for that day. Knowing the pollen counts can help you plan your day.

Get ready! Our next cold front will blow through on Monday, March 5, so expect higher oak in wake of it starting on Tuesday.

References: Diagnostics Research Group and The Weather Channel

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