City workers out in full force to fight back against mosquitoes

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    Following days of rain, the mosquitoes are back! And they multiply so fast.

    "We're revving up. We're having additional teams out and about and so we're out there checking and treating mosquito development sights," explains Joel Lara with Vector Control.

    Vector Control's job is to control the mosquito's, and other mammals, insects and birds that transmit pathogens which are collectively called "vectors."

    And according to Lara, there is a strategy they are using to fight back.

    "We use what we call an integrated mosquito management system where we use different tactics to control mosquitoes. We use larva-sides,use of adulta-sides and we also work with other city departments," says Lara.

    And part of the strategy is to use specific chemicals on the mosquito's for instance three of the four stages for mosquito's are in an aquatic environment.

    "We us microbials, BTI mosquito dunks, we also have liquid BTI," explains Lara. "Standard chemicals like perithorids such as perithian, and we use various equipment to deliver those adult-asides such as our vehicle mounted fogging units and back pack misters," explains Lara.

    And there are only 12 vector control technicians that have to cover nearly 100 city parks so they are staying busy. If you want to report mosquito problems at public parks call 3-1-1.

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