With all the rain - should we worry about conserving water?

By ALBERT FLORES News 4 San AntonioFacebook|{}Twitter | Email

SAN ANTONIO - After the heavy rains the past several weeks, the residents of San Antonio have reason to celebrate. With the aquifer level reading at 673 feet, springs seem to be flowing freely once again.

But how can we be sure that the aquifer levels stay that way?{}Hellen Ballew, executive director of Headwaters at Incarnate Word University, explained that the heavy rains not only brought higher water levels, but a decrease in water wastage from residents watering their lawns. Ballew stated that initially, "40% of our whole city's water use is lawn watering," claiming we should not go out and waste water because we now have water in the springs.

After being in stage two drought conditions for four years, Ballew says that the recent rains should not make us change our mindset when it comes to water usage.

"We got used to stage two. Why not stick with that?" Bellew said.The city of San Antonio was started at the blue hole when it was first settled by Spanish missions. It was also known as "ojo de aqua" or head of the river, and is considered the birthright of the city of San Antonio.

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