Where to find the best bluebonnet fields

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SAN ANTONIO - The bluebonnet is a source of Texas pride, and like any treasure, you might need a map with an "X" marking the spot of where to find the perfect bluebonnet field.Thanks to a team of true bluebonnet fanatics at, that's a real possibility.The team is{}mapping the picture-perfect bluebonnet fields they find, taking reports of new blooms, and sharing little-known bluebonnet hunting tips, like the Bluebonnet Triangle. This mysterious-sounding location is the area where bluebonnets grow best in Texas; a loose, triangular map connecting San Antonio, Houston, and the DFW area. {}Right now, an area southwest of the San Antonio is prime for picking pictures. Hey, no picking the state flower!According to the site's "Bluebonnet Frolic" report, towns like Jourdanton and Poteet are in "go-go" mode, meaning go now while the wildflowers are still in bloom. TxDOT plants 30,000 pounds of wildflower seeds every year, but don't expect the blooms to come at once. Buds spring in the south first and then move north in also keeps watch of this pattern on the "bluebonnet watch" map. IMPORTANT NOTE: The blooms will come and go quickly, so before you head to any of the above mentioned locations, be sure to check for the latest reports.{} For the current hot spot map, click here.For the "bluebonnet status" map, click here.

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