Water saving plant ideas

By ALBERT FLORES News 4 San AntonioFacebook|{}Twitter | Email

SAN ANTONIO - How can people help save water and improve nature in their homes and gardens?

"It starts with making a little tiny bed in front of their house or doing a wildscape, benefiting wildlife because you are using native plants that do well here in our regions, and they conserve water, wildlife find them and use them for food, shelter or nesting opportunities, so you are making a difference for wildlife but you are also beautifying your landscape," explained Judith Green from Texas Parks and Wildlife.

"We actually have a great DVD for homeowners. There is a slight charge of five dollars. It's on our website and it's an interactive DVD, so you can punch in the ecosystem where you live and the types of gardens you have. If you have shade conditions, full sunlight or if you want to attract butterflies, hummingbirds or maybe song birds, and then you punch in all that information into the DVD and it spits out a list of plants. It's our Wildscapes DVD and it can be found on the Texas Parks and Wildlife website here


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