Transplanting a potted plant into the ground

By ALBERT FLORES News 4 San AntonioFacebook|{}Twitter | Email

SAN ANTONIO - People are planting all kinds of roses, trees and bushes from pots, but there is a correct way to do it that will help your plant have a healthy start.

"The best way to transplant a fruit tree or a rose bush something that has been recently transplanted into a container, is to take a knife and cut along the bottom of the pot, all the way around," explains Mark Fanick, manager of Fanick Nursery. "These pots are very flimsy and are designed to be cut very easily."

"What we are going to do is cut all the way around the pot, and take that bottom off. Then put it into the ground. Take one more cut and splice it down the side all the way to the bottom. Add soil all the way around, and then unpeel the pot."

"The reason we do that is so that it won't fall apart. What you are trying to save is all the fine roots."

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