Compost vs chemical fertilizers

By ALBERT FLORES News 4 San AntonioFacebook|{}Twitter | Email

SAN ANTONIO - What should San Antonians do to preparing their grass for the summer months?

"The more natural way to do this would be to get a bag of compost or organic fertilizer, put it into the yard and this will allow the yard to promote healthy organisms and promote growth and deep root systems and allow the grass to grow and become more drought tolerant, as summer comes in," explains Mark Fanick, manager of Fanick Nursery.

"When you put compost in the ground it becomes like a sponge, so when summer comes in and the compost is in the yard it causes a cooling affect for one thing, and secondary if you are watering it becomes a sponge and holds water microscopically."

"If you use chemical fertilizers, which are typically ninety percent salt - salt kills life. So if you put microbes in the ground and then you say I am going to go back and buy a certain brand of fertilizer, that has typical salt in it. We just destroyed everything we have done to make the yard better."

The long run is you have reduced the salt in your yard which is killing off the Beneficial's in the first place, so that will help the environment tremendously

How much compost? How thick should the compost be on my yard?

"I would like to start with a quarter inch in the beginning, and apply a quarter inch every sixty days throughout the summer!"


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