Start your morning in the wild

See beluga whales in the wild with the live "Beluga Boat Cam" from

Warning: the following story might contain your next internet addiction.

The website streams live cams from around the world, bringing bears, penguins, puppies and so much more straight to your web-connected device.

The Beluga Boat Cam is popular right now.

For a few hours a day, cameras mounted on a boat livestream curious belugas as they summer in northern Canada's Hudson Bay and Churchill River.

According to the site, belugas return here every summer to feed and give birth to calves.

Beluga pods share their summer spot with polar bears, which are occasionally spotted by the camera on deck.

The cameras provide more than a view. There's audio too.

Listen closely to the underwater camera here and see why belugas were once called "Sea Canaries."

To see them from above, try this link. Same boat, just a different perspective.

So long as the weather cooperates, the Beluga Boat Cam runs Monday-Friday during beluga season.

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