Shelly MilesHost, San Antonio Living

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Shelly Miles is the host of San Antonio Living on 4 San Antonio.

Shelly graduated from Northern Arizona University with a degree in broadcast journalism and communications in 1996. She attended school on a speech and debate scholarship, and was a nationally ranked debater. Shelly started her career at the campus-run news program at NAU and interned at KNAZ, the Flagstaff NBC affiliate.

After graduating, Shelly spent her time as a country radio DJ and Music Director.

Shelly is deeply involved in the San Antonio community. She has been honored by many non-profit organizations for her contributions, and was named Fiesta Queen of the Vine by the Brighton School.

Shelly spends her free time with her husband, a San Antonio native, and her two daughters.

Shelly is a native of Southern California and likes to head back there for a break when it gets too hot in Texas.

Interesting Fact: Shelly is a "Dance Mom" similar to the ones you see on TV - only worse!

Learn more about Shelly and talk dance with her on her fan page...