Watch: Lakers' Clarkson has no mercy for kids at his basketball camp

Via Twitter, C. Keirnan (Jordan Clarkson Lakers)

Every NBA player’s offseason is different.

Some like to leave the country and work on their game immediately after the season is over. Others like to spend that time on vacation relaxing in preparation for the upcoming season after the brutal toll their bodies went through.

There are some that love to give back to the community, spend their time with kids at various basketball camps, and make them look silly on the court.

One of those NBA players happens to be a San Antonio-native in Jordan Clarkson where he hosted a summer camp )alongside fellow San Antonian Andre Roberson of the Thunder) in San Antonio.

There, Clarkson gave out free backpacks and free lessons on how to be merciless on the floor.

Hey Jordan! Take it easy there on the kid.

Twitter: @Machen55

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