WATCH: After Raptors win vs. Hawks, Dwane Casey fires f-bomb at ex-Spurs coach Budenholzer

Dwane Casey - Raptors

Twitter: @JeffGSpursZone

The ending to the Hawks-Raptors game got heated but not between the players on the court but between the team's coaches.

After Toronto had the game in hand and would hand Atlanta a 98-111 loss, Raptors Head Coach Dwane Casey and former San Antonio Spurs Assistant Coach, and current Hawks Head Coach, Mike Budenholzer got into a heated exchange.

It seems Budenholzer didn't take too kindly how the Raptors ended the game with a steal and a dunk on his Hawks team and he let Raptors rookie OG Anunoby know it.

Casey eyed this exchange, didn't like what he saw and had a few choice words for the former Spurs coach.

Said Casey about what transpired between him and Budenholzer:

"I'm a coaches coach. I love coaches but one thing I don't want you to do is to say something to my players."
"He (Budenholzer) was upset that the kid stole the ball to go for a layup. I understand the situation, we weren't trying to run the score up."

Coach Bud likely just was upset with how the game ended with his team getting a loss and let emotions take over him if he did say something to the opposing player. He doesn't have a reputation for these antics.

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