Tony Parker doesn't agree that Sixers' Embiid should play for Team France

Sixers Embiid

In an interview with French site BasketInfos, San Antonio Spurs guard Tony Parker was asked about the possibility of Sixers' Joel Embiid playing for the French National team.

And in a nutshell, Parker is against it.

There is a possibility Embiid will become a naturalized French citizen thus opening the door for him to play for Team France.

Although Parker has nothing personal against the Sixers Center, he just feels roster spots should be given to native French players.

“I think you have to play the national team with the players who are from the country, who grew up there, all that."
“For me it's just a matter of principle. Because, Joel Embiid is a good guy. I only heard good things about him. I spoke with Timothy ( Luwawu-Cabarrot, who plays with the Cameroonian Sixer), and he's a great guy. He laughs, he speaks French, all that. It's nothing against him. It's just a matter of principle.

Parker went on to point to the fact how other non-native basketball players suit up for other countries such as Serge Ibaka for Team Spain - something he doesn't agree with.

And although Parker isn't on board with this if it were to happen but he made it clear, it's nothing personal and showered the native Camaroonian Embiid with high praise.

"Joel Embiid, I love his as a player. He's amazing, what he's doing in a short time, I think that's the future, and he can become the best pivot of the NBA.”

Parker has retired from play with the French squad.

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