Spurs Zone Roundtable: Predicting the Spurs Rodeo Road Trip record

San Antonio Spurs

The San Antonio Spurs are set to begin their annual Rodeo Road Trip beginning in Phoenix and ending with a date with LeBron James and the faltering Cavaliers.

This year San Antonio will travel a total of 6,546 miles and face six different teams from 2/7 to 2/25 on their 16th annual Rodeo Road Trip.

But before the Spurs get their 6-game trek underway, the Spurs Zone crew got together to give their predictions on what will be San Antonio's final Rodeo Road Trip record in this Spurs Zone Roundtable.

Jeff Garcia, Lead Spurs Zone Writer & Manager: 3-3. The Spurs have shown this season, the road is unkind (12-15) and their offense sputters (96.5 points per game). Add the fact this team is dealing with injuries to key players (Rudy Gay and Kawhi Leonard), the schedule ahead pits them against teams that have beaten them this season (Jazz, Warriors) and Manu Ginobili recently stating the team is still searching for answers and an identity, this year's road trip will be challenging. Wins are key in this 6-game road stretch, but a focus on building chemistry is in order.

Marquez Anderson,Spurs Zone contributor: Having to go on the road for nearly every game this month will be extremely challenging regardless of the opponent. With that being said, many of the games are not spaced out very well, which can lead to some challenges. I expect the Spurs to go 3-3 during the road trip, with losses coming to the Warriors and Jazz. The third loss could very well come against the Nuggets, as it’s hard to beat a team back-to-back, especially at their place.

Tyler Clerkin, Spurs Zone Contributor: Going into this season’s RRT, the Spurs definitely have their work cut out for them. First, facing off against the Phoenix Suns will be challenging because of how well Devin Booker is playing. Then traveling to Oakland to face the defending champs and then right into Utah two days later. This will be a great test for the Spurs to see where they really stand as we enter the second half of the season. Playing Denver twice is going to be fun because whether they win or lose, Denver will want to make a statement. Finishing up with Cleveland shouldn’t be a problem with how much drama they have going on. It’s still LeBron James though so you have to be prepared. I am looking for the Spurs to finish the RRT with a record of 4-2 with losses to Golden State and Denver.

Derek Machen, Spurs Zone Contributor: I see the Spurs finishing off their RRT with a 4-2 record, falling to both Golden State and at least one of the Denver games. San Antonio must be consistent in their approach to each game and to not overlook the underdogs. Phoenix with sharpshooter Devin Booker and Denver with passing maestro Nikola Jokic can each pick apart a defense if they catch a rhythm. Of course, capping off the trip in Cleveland is no walk in the park with LeBron James, but Coach Pop will find a way to exploit that Cavs defense. Keep an eye on Dejounte Murray to go off for some big games in the later stages of the 6-game set.

Michael Rehome, Spurs Zone Contributor: It has been a tough season on the road for the Spurs and back-to-back games have not been to kind either. As much as I would like to see San Antonio grab four wins on the road, it will be tough. Starting in Phoenix with a surging player in Devin Booker will be a task but I do see them starting the road trip with a win and Dejounte playing a key role in controlling Booker. San Antonio will also see Denver twice as well as LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers. I see San Antonio going 3-3 in this road trip with a big win coming against Cleveland.

Now we would like to hear from you. How do you see San Antonio finishing off this years road trip? Let me know on Twitter at @MichaelRehome.

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