Spurs Roundtable: Manu gonna Manu, Star Wars comparisons

AP Photo

Glenn Cable and Benny Wolsh joined your host Quixem Ramirez for this week's Spurs Roundtable show.


  • 40-year-old Manu Ginobili hit another game-winner for the San Antonio Spurs Saturday night, gifting them a comeback victory. How does he keep doing these things???
  • Kawhi Leonard returned to the rotation Tuesday night after missing the first quarter of the season. But the Spurs haven't won a game with him in uniform and he's been on a minutes restriction. When will he restore balance to the force?
  • If the Golden State Warriors are the "Evil Empire," which team is more likely to beat them in the playoffs as a member of the rebel forces? The Spurs or Rockets?
  • And, lastly, we named three Spurs players and compared them to Star Wars characters (past or present) in honor of the Last Jedi coming out last weekend.

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