Spurs Roundtable: Ka-what is happening with the Spurs?

Kawhi Leonard (SBG Photo)

SAN ANTONIO - Glenn Cable, Dillon Emery and Robert Price joined your host Quixem Ramirez for this week's Spurs Roundtable show.


  • Gregg Popovich said he'd be "surprised" if Kawhi Leonard returns to the court season. Leonard is reportedly medically cleared to play, but is opting to sit out. What do we make of the Kawhi news?
  • With a player option worth $21.3 million in two years, what are the chances Leonard remains with the Spurs past that? Does he have a future in San Antonio?
  • The Spurs' annual Rodeo Road Trip concludes Sunday with a matchup against the Cleveland Cavaliers. What does this stretch tell us about this Spurs team?
  • And the results are in to our Spurs all-time draft from last week! One of the teams won in a landslide...

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