Spurs 2011 draft pick Adam Hanga intends to come to the NBA next season

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It seems San Antonio Spurs 2011 second round draft pick, forward Adam Hanga, intends to make his way to the NBA next season.

According to a report, Hanga has announced his intent to come to the NBA next season, saying he is ready to make the leap.

"It is my intention to play in the NBA next season. I am 27 years old and believe this is the right moment."

Hanga has been on the record of saying he would like to come to the NBA eventually but never was he this direct about it. Back in July 2016, he did express his desire to come to the NBA.

I believe that I will play in the NBA one day. But it's different to go simply go to the NBA than it is to play in the NBA. I want to establish myself there when I make the next step.

For me the next level can't be anything else than playing in the NBA. You never know when, and if you are ready, until you try. When the time comes, I believe I will be ready.

And ready he is.

Hanga has developed his game since being drafted in 2011.

He's currently with Spanish club Baskonia of the Spanish League and is averaging 9.1 points, 1.6 steals, 1.6 assists, 3.9 rebounds, 66 percent from the field, 72 percent from the free throw line and 30 percent from the 3-point line.

He is a silky, smooth player on the court and could inject more athleticism on the Spurs roster but will need time with shooting coach Chip Engelland to work on his jumper which is a knock on his game.

He is a 6-7, 205 pound athletic forward with the ability to slash to the rim, score in bunches, dunk with ferocity, and run the floor. His defense has grown as well and he was recently voted as one of the premier defensive players in the Euroleague.

Hanga's deal with Baskonia ends this summer and it seems the stars are aligning for him to come to the Spurs.

Granted it is his intent to come to the NBA but if the Spurs do bring him to the team next summer, it will mark another of their foreign stashes to make their way to the NBA including Davis Bertans, and Livio Jean-Charles who came over this past summer.

A bit of trivia but he and Bertans were teammates with Baskonia prior to Davis making his way to San Antonio.

If the report is true, and San Antonio does bring him over, I like the move.

Hanga is more than ready for the big NBA stage and his game will flourish in the Spurs' system. He plays both ends of the court, still young, and has more room to grow on the court. He'll will definitely make a splash with the Spurs if he does come next season.

Here are some of his most recent highlights against Germany which will undoubtedly make you cross your fingers that he will come to the Spurs next season.

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