Sheriff says mouse was a 'Spurs fan trying to intimidate us'

mouse spurs fan.jpg

A deputy with the Alameda County Sheriff's Office in California had a little run-in with the world's smallest Spurs fan prior to their Saturday night matchup against the Golden State Warriors.

A mouse was caught on the windshield of the deputies vehicle in what may have been an attempted car jacking according to their Facebook post. Preliminary investigation revealed the tiny Spurs fan was "trying to intimidate" the deputy who was on his way to the Warriors game. He is believed to be a Spurs fan because of his "grey and white" fury coat.

He is still on the run from authorities. The Alameda County Sheriff's Office is still looking for the suspect, who is listed at four inches tall and weighing one ounce.

If you see the mouse, offer him a Spurs jersey and some Whataburger.

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