REPORT: Kawhi Leonard frequently assured team he'd return, then backed out

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    As if anyone would want to read about more news concerning Kawhi Leonard, here is another bizarre twist on this fiasco.

    ESPN's San Antonio Spurs reporter, Michael C. Wright, recently was a guest on the "Back to Back Podcast" where he touched on an interesting nugget regarding Leonard from last season.

    According to Wright, Kawhi constantly would tell the team he was planning on returning the court for specific games only to back out later which resulted in the infamous team meeting late in the 2017-18 regular-season.

    “A week before that, Kawhi told those guys he was going to be back for that game.”
    “And that didn’t happen. And that was the second or third time they had been told something like that and then it didn’t happen. So, they were frustrated.”
    “Kawhi and his people were saying Kawhi is going to be back for this game. That doesn’t happen. He’ll be back for this game. And he’s telling the players, he’s telling R.C. and Pop this is when he’s going to be back. And every time, it was just sort of, ah, nope, pump fake that. And that’s what was happening, so they were getting frustrated about, too.”
    The frustration was settling in and that is what drew the team to ultimately have that meeting, which was for the players.
    “And that’s why you have the team meeting where they want to know like, “Hey dude. You said you were coming back this time. You said you were coming back this time. When are you coming back?” That’s what that was about.”

    As Wright stated, it was a meeting to make things clear, so everyone was on the same page.

    With Kawhi being the player that he was before his injury, of course the team would be excited to hear of him returning, sooner rather than later. But with what has transpired between the two sides, and Wright's report that Kawhi's camp hid him from the Spurs brass in New York City, a chance at repair is likely all but shot.

    Present day, Kawhi is looking for a trade to get out of San Antonio and is reportedly looking to head back home to California.


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