Raptors' Casey on pursuing Gasol in offseason: 'We texted like two little girls'

Before the San Antonio Spurs went out and signed Pau Gasol, he was being heavily pursued by a handful of teams. However, it came down to the Spurs and the Toronto Raptors with the Spurs eventually landing the Spanish big man.

But hats off to Raptors head coach Dwane Casey for putting the full-court press on Gasol.

Before last night's game against San Antonio, Casey summed up perfectly how his chase for Pau went.

“In today’s age of texting, we texted like two little girls between each other,” Casey said before Toronto faced the Spurs on Tuesday night. “I knew Pau a little bit through (former Raptors guard) Jose (Calderon), who I have great respect for, so that was my relationship with him.”

The Raptors' loss is the Spurs gain but this leads me to ask, how different would San Antonio be if Gasol went North and signed with the Raptors?

Through his first 33 games with San Antonio, Gasol is averaging 12.2 points, 7.9 rebounds, 2.6 assists and 1.2 blocks.

Given the veterans the Spurs do have on their roster and the talent they have coming off of their bench, could the Spurs have won 28 games so far without Gasol?

Dewayne Dedmon and David Lee have been a surprise. Who would of thought the two would come in and make as big of an impact as they have? Dedmon and Lee could start at the center position for San Antonio.

Breaking it down even more, Dedmon is a athletic big-man that the Spurs need. He is physical on the block and that is an area that many Spurs fans would like to from Gasol. The pairing of Dedmon and LaMarcus Aldridge might be a bit more imposing than having Gasol in the paint who isn't known for tough interior defense.

You look at Lee, through-out his career he also has thrown his body around on the block. He brings rebounding, soft-touch around the rim as well as defense. However, the Spurs would have been a bit undersized with Lee and considering he isn't a spring chicken, perhaps the Spurs could have looked elsewhere to shore up their big man Corp. if Pau went to Toronto.

Gasol may be the better offensive player out of the two but I feel that San Antonio would be in good hands if he did not sign.

In the end, Gasol did sign with San Antonio on a 2-year deal worth $32 million, and his play has been key for San Antonio so far.

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