Q&A with Spurs' Jaron Blossomgame: G League title, NBA goals & more

Jaron Blossomgame (Spurs)

In his first year as a professional basketball player, Jaron Blossomgame helped lead the Austin Spurs to another G-League title in franchise history while showing he has the right stuff to make the leap to the NBA.

In his first season in Austin, the San Antonio Spurs 2017 NBA Draft pick posted 16.5 points, 8.2 rebounds, and 54-percent shooting from the field in 50 games played. He also was named to the 2018 All G league third team.

I have been keeping up with Jaron and his play throughout the course of the season and have spoke with him on a few occasions.

Now, with one year under his belt, and a G League title, I wanted to know how he felt his first year, how it went, where he improved and if he thought in his first year it would be capped off with a title.

Here is my sit down with Austin’s Jaron Blossomgame.

Michael Rehome, Spurs Zone: You were a key piece in the Austin Spurs title run this past season. Did you think, with it being your first year as a pro it would start with a title?

Jaron Blossomgame: To be honest I had no idea we would win the championship in the beginning of the season.

Coming into camp I knew we had a talented team but I didn’t know how things would turn out since we had so many guys that could help us. It’s rare that you have a team full of guys that are willing to accept their role in the G league. What we had this year was special and I was happy to be a part of it.

MR: How do you think your game has changed from the start of the season to the end?

JB: I’ve improved drastically during this season. I watched a lot of film with my position coach and continued to work on areas of my game that I needed to. I think throughout the year my jump shooting really improved and my decision making also.

I felt much more confident in my game at the end of the season. I just took it day by day and tried to improve and that’s what it takes to get better, you have to have an awareness about your game and have to break it down and really understand what makes you a good player.

MR: Coming from college, what major difference did you see at this level?

JB: Guys at this level are bigger, stronger, and faster. One thing for myself that i changed was my preparation. I think as a professional it’s really important to be prepared to do your job night in and night out. I did a good job at getting treatment and in the weight room to keep my body in the best condition. In college I’m used to playing around 32 games a year and this season we played 54 and I didn’t miss any games so taking care of my body was beneficial for me.

MR: The ultimate goal is to get the call-up to the NBA. Though it did not happen for you this season, what helped you keeping you from frustration?

JB: I was not frustrated at all. Knowing my situation with S.A. having my draft rights I wasn’t really focused on trying to get called up. My main objective this season was to get better and I attacked everyday with the mindset of getting better.

I had such a good time with the Austin Spurs and I wouldn't take that experience away for anything. I met tons of great people and I improved in areas I really wanted to. I accomplished 8/10 of my preseason goals that I set for myself so I’m very happy with my rookie season in Austin.

MR: Now in the off-season, what are your thoughts in the coming year for you? What are you looking to achieve?

JB: Now it’s off season and I took 12 days off after the championship and I’m back training. I’m training really hard up until summer league and my goal is to get better and prepare myself for that. It’s another opportunity to go out there and show everyone how much I’ve improved over the last year.

As far as my thoughts for the future I’m just preparing myself as best as possible. I’m working really hard and I know that hard work pays off so I’m willing to bet on myself to take the next step.


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