Poll: Fans see Spurs escaping tough 3-game road trip with one win

Oklahoma City Thunder guard Russell Westbrook (0) drives around San Antonio Spurs guard Dejounte Murray (5) during the first quarter of an NBA basketball game in Oklahoma City, Sunday, Dec. 3, 2017. (AP Photo/Sue Ogrocki)

The San Antonio Spurs are about to embark on a 3-game road trip that may be as important than any they have faced this year.

A visit to the Warriors, a stop in Oklahoma then a match with Houston to face a surging Rockets team that has a 16-game winning streak.

I once again took to Twitter to poll the Spurs faithful on how they feel the team will do over their next three. Will they sweep? Win two of the three? Win one? Or, will they be on a 3-game skid before it is said and done?

Out of the 200 that participated in the poll, here are the results.

Out of those polled, 42-percent feel San Antonio will come out of the 3-game road trip 1-2. Looking at the worse case, 0-3, 26-percent feel they will be on a losing streak, dropping all three.

Personally, seeing how the Spurs have been playing this year, it would not surprise me if they did drop all three.

Nevertheless, a sense of urgency, and desperation on this trip may go a long way at helping San Antonio come out of this on a positive note and help avoid missing the playoffs all together

What more do you have to say? Let me know on Twitter @MichaelRehome.

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