PETA applauds Spurs rookie Lonnie Walker IV

Lonnie Walker.JPG

Twitter: @JeffGSpursZone

San Antonio Spurs rookie Lonnie Walker IV got a round of applause from PETA for his recent comments on organized dolphin shows.

"I love dolphins and [orcas]. I try to stay away from [organized dolphin shows]. How would a human feel if they were just locked up in a small place for the rest of their life? It's like prison.

Lonnie definitely walks to his own drum beat.

In an interview with Sports Illustrated, he calls himself a "free-flowing" individual.

“It’s free-flowing. I’m not obligated. I’m not structured into doing one thing,” he says of his game. “I’m figuring out ways to be different and stand out, and play my game, and make sure I [put] my defender on his tiptoes rather than me being on my tiptoes.”

Lonnie made his Spurs debut in the Utah Summer League Game 1 scoring 7 points in 20-plus minutes.

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