Aztecs' basketball head coach says Kawhi Leonard's silence is nothing new

San Antonio Spurs forward Kawhi Leonard, center, sits on the bench during the second half in a second-round NBA playoff series basketball game against the Houston Rockets, Monday, May 1, 2017, in San Antonio. (AP Photo/Eric Gay)

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By now you already know the ins and outs of the situation between the San Antonio Spurs, Kawhi Leonard, his camp, an alleged rift and his right quad injury.

Its been reported on constantly with rumors, "sources" weighing in and much more to make a person's head spin.

All questions will be put to rest come July when the Spurs and Kawhi sit down to talk about a possible $219 million extension or decide to go in a different direction.

However, one issue that has rubbed some the wrong way has been Leonard's silence on the matter. Some feel he simply has to say something regarding his intentions which would put an end to all this speculation.

Leonard played college basketball at San Diego State University before joining the NBA and weighing in on the situation is Aztec's men's head basketball coach, Brian Dutcher.

Dutcher says Leonard's silence on the topic is simply par for the course and feels Kawhi is just working at getting back healthy during an interview with 97.3 The Fan.

You know the thing I find most fascinating about the Kawhi situation in San Antonio, is there's an article written about it every day about it but Kawhi has never been quoted in any of them.
Kawhi is like he's always is ... he's silent, he's putting the work in to get himself healthy and then he'll make a decision.
He's been silent through the process which is unheard of. Usually a guy will say something but Kawhi has played it close to the vest. He may already have made his mind up either way but no one will know other than him.

Thoughts Spurs fans? Do you think Leonard's silence is nothing to worry about? Let me know at @JeffGSpursZone.

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