Spurs' Manu Ginobili: Team's potential not yet clear

Manu Ginobili

Twitter: @JeffGSpursZone

The San Antonio Spurs may have a solid record at 25-12 but the best is yet to come says guard Manu Ginobili.

Ginobili penned a new article for La Nacion and discussed a wide variety of topics. From the state of his play this season to injuries but when it came down to the state of the team, Manu put things in a perspective.

Citing how the team has been dealing with injuries to Kawhi Leonard, and Tony Parker, Ginobili made it very clear - now that the team is slowly coming together health-wise, and they will improve eventually.

The team is in a period of readjustment. We are dealing with everything. Tony (Parker), fortunately, has no more restrictions on minutes, he has to recover regularity, confidence and others; whereas Kawhi is more limited in time and goes step by step. It is a job that will take time.
And although there is a long way to go, the truth is that at this point our potential is not as clear yet.
It is difficult to know where we are because we have not found our definitive identity.
If everything continues as I do now, I calculate that in mid-February we will be clearer about everything we can start thinking about the playoffs. But we believe that we are still in a process to improve.

Manu nails exactly what the Spurs are dealing with since the start of the season - inability to develop cohesion.

Add the fact Kawahi's minute restrictions is hampering him from getting a nice groove and now Rudy Gay dealing with injury, this team has not had much opportunity to play with a full slate of games with a healthy squad.

Yet they currently sit atop the West standings at third, and see themselves just four games out of the top spot.

Not bad for a team that's still finding its identity and dealing with the injury bug.

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