Rudy Gay's road to recovery began with his diet

Rudy Gay

Newly acquired Rudy Gay suffered a torn Achilles tendon last season in a game against the Indiana Pacers.

The injury forced him to miss the remainder of the season, one where he was the second leading scorer for Sacramento.

Gay was immobile for four to five months, and needed crutches in order to get around. He also could not put any weight on the injured foot, and used a scooter for two months to move as well.

However, after a long rehabilitation process, he received a call from Gregg Popovich to compete for a championship in San Antonio.

Gay signed with the San Antonio Spurs this offseason, and is now preparing for training camp. He sat down with GQ to discuss his journey to San Antonio after his devastating injury.

In the interview, he says one of the things he changed was his diet.

“I think this entire injury changed me. Before, I would get up in the morning and eat pancakes and things like that, because I just thought that that was what you’re supposed to eat for breakfast. Now, I eat an egg white omelet with spinach. After practice, I’m having some type of lean meat and vegetables. Before games, I’ll eat a lean meat and some kind of natural carb like sweet potatoes or beans—something to give me energy. I take amino acids before the game, too.”

With his diet change, the most difficult part has been staying away from junk food.

“For me, it’s the desserts. I love cakes, and cookies, and stuff like that. I had to stay away from that.”

Nonetheless, he appears ready to contribute for the Spurs this season. In his preseason debut against the Kings, Gay posted four points, three rebounds and an assist in 18 minutes.

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