Jimmy Feigen issues statement about Rio vandalism case

FILE - In this Aug. 2, 2016, file photo, United States James Feigen smiles during a swimming training session prior to the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Feigen was one of four American Olympic swimmers in connection to a story of being held at gunpoint and robbed several hours after the last Olympic swimming races ended. That claim began to unravel when police said that investigators could not find evidence to substantiate it. (AP Photo/Matt Slocum, File)

SAN ANTONIO - Olympic swimmer and former San Antonio high school standout Jimmy Feigen issued a statement on Tuesday about his role in the Rio vandalism case involving his teammates.

The statement outlines the events that happened on Sunday morning, August 14, as Feigen, Ryan Lochte and two other swimmers returned to the Olympic Village after a celebration at the French House.

Feigen says they asked the cab driver to stop so they could use the restroom.

He says they tried to go into the bathroom at a gas station, but the door was locked. He says they made "the regrettable decision to urinate in the grass behind the building" and that Lochte tore a poster off a wall.

After getting back into the cab. he says a man with a gun ordered them out and to sit on a curb. The man then ordered them to pay and Feigen says the four were allowed to leave after he and another swimmer gave the man some money.

When he spoke to Rio detectives later that day, he admits he omitted the facts about the urination and the poster.

Feigen goes on to say he was given only two options to resolve the matter: To stay in Brazil for the duration of the investigation or pay a fine. He eventually settled with Rio authorities on a fine of $10,800.

#BREAKING Vid of swimmer Jimmy Feigen leaving courthouse after reaching deal to pay $11k to charity to leave Brazil.

— Chris Stewart (@CStewartWPTV) August 19, 2016

He concludes, " I am so sorry for the drama this has caused in everyone’s lives. I am very thankful to be home in the United States with my family and that this ordeal has come to an end."

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