Is Kawhi keeping the Spurs in the dark?

Kawhi Leonard (SBG Photo)

SAN ANTONIO - No matter the injuries, no matter the schedule or the issues, one thing never changes; the Spurs just keep winning. Okay, maybe not on pace for 60 wins this year, but 50! And how many teams can say that year after year?

Look for Tony Parker to play about the same amount of minutes as he did in his season debut Monday night. Tony had 6 points and 4 assists in 14 minutes. He says that's about right, at least for the next week or so, to get back into game shape.

“Just agree with Pop that I play 15, and maybe the first two to three games like that, and then just play. Like last year. I’m not going to play anymore than 24 anyway, so I’m very close,” said told us with a chuckle. “It’s only nine minutes more, so I think I can do it.”

The Spurs host Memphis Tuesday night. The Grizzlies have lost eight straight and just fired their coach. Tip-off will be shortly after 7:30 pm at the AT&T Center.

So that's where we stand on Tony, but what about Kawhi Leonard? Is he really two or three weeks away like Tony said Monday? Coach Pop implied that Dr. Parker may or may not be accurate there.

So many questions and very few answers. And I'll ask another; Is it time to question the Spurs and the MVP?

Here's why I ask; Kawhi showing up at the Spurs practice facility Monday was kind of a rarity. And that's odd.

With Tony we knew it was a tear, surgery, rehab, workouts, the G League, 5 on 5… progress. With kawhi we don't even really know the injury, the when, the where, the what. Then there's the moving timeline. He was supposed to be there for the preseason, then the opener was lost, then a month, we are now closing in on December.

The Spurs have appeared frustrated at times, calling the injury mysterious; unlike anything they've seen.

The biggest question; is Kawhi keeping the team in the dark? If so, why. Is he working with his own doctor? If so, why the need for a second opinion?

Nobody will say, but the whispers have been real for a month.

Is it self-preservation? A bad knee could cost him $220 million on the open market.

So is he on his own with this? Or are the spurs being protective?

Again, who knows? So excuse me for questioning the MVP, but without any answers, questions are all we have.

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