Will Kawhi play for the Spurs next season?

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So the offseason hasn't event started yet, but ESPN dropped a bombshell on Spurs fans on Tuesday.

To this point, it was the most comprehensive look at all the issues surrounding the rift between the Spurs and Kawhi's so called group.

According to the lengthy article, the Spurs are worried that Leonard's group is trying to cause a divide so great that Leonard will demand a trade to either of the Los Angeles teams, New York or Philadelphia.

According to the report, Kawhi's uncle, Dennis Robertson, is speaking for and influencing Kawhi's dealings with the Spurs. Although Kawhi and Coach Pop appear to still have a working relationship, a source says the drama is keeping GM RC Buford up at night wondering what went wrong.

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The article is extremely detailed, complete with a history of the injury, Kawhi's agents failed business, real estate deals and his uncle's involvement in every aspect of Kawhi's business that could be influencing him and laying the blame at the feet of the Spurs.

Of course, the Spurs could say he alienated himself from the organization, the medical staff and from his own teammates, but it also provides some hope that perhaps Coach Pop and Kawhi can get in a room and has this all out, but with everything we now know, it's not a sure thing by any means.

So what do you think Spurs fans? Will Kawhi play for the Spurs next year?

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