UTSA Football on Oct. 7 in the Dome. BE THERE


Tonight on Don's Extra Point, I'm giving you 10 days notice.

UTSA football on Oct. 7 in the Alamodome. BE THERE.

Because right now, the size of the crowd in the Dome is nowhere near the crowd on opening day, and the product isn't even close to being the same.

On Sept. 3, 2011, UTSA fans nearly packed the Dome. Understandable. It was the first ever. When it was all said and done, fans rushed the field.

Are kidding me?

Yes, for a win over Northeastern Oklahoma State. That's right, 57K fans to see UTSA vs. Northeastern Oklahoma State.

Let that sink in.

Six years later, what was once, you're just happy to be here UTSA fans is now you've arrived.

These are this week's total defense statistics nationwide. UTSA is No. 2. Look at the company they are keeping here.

Michigan. Clemson. Auburn.

I'm not saying that UTSA is Michigan or Clemson or Auburn good, but they're pretty good.

They're undefeated. They dominated Southern and Texas State, and for the first time ever, they beat a Power 5, Big 12 team in Baylor.

And before you say it, I know Baylor is down this year, but the same Baylor team that UTSA held to just 10 points, and they were fortunate to score those 10. That same Baylor team hung 41 on Oklahoma last week - a team with a chance at a national title.

UTSA has perhaps five NFL players on this roster. Their coach will be coaching an Auburn or Ole Miss before you know it. He's one of the top prospects in the country, but he's here now, and this is legit.

So, I'm giving you 10 days notice. UTSA Football on Oct. 7 in the Dome. BE THERE.

Not because they deserve it, but because San Antonio, after all these years of waiting for a big time football product, you deserve it. And now you've got one.

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