Romo is the T-Mac of the NFL

    Tony Romo (AP Photo/File)

    Tony Romo was very interesting on Wednesday. He refused to say the word 'retirement.' It's important because he isn't retiring. He's only been released.

    Romo isn't filing retirement papers, which means, technically, he could make a comeback. That is not expected, but he's leaving the door open.

    He and Jerry Jones worked through this entire situation methodically, and Romo was clear to point that out.

    Tony Romo is moving on. So how does he measure up historically? It hit me when I saw the Basketball Hall of Fame class announced last weekend.

    That's it!!! He's Tracy McGrady.

    When you think of great Houston Rockets, you don't think of T-Mac. You think of Hakeem and Moses, Calvin Murphy and Clyde Drexler. Maybe even Yao Ming. But T-Mac?

    But when you look at his numbers, He's a Hall of Famer.

    Tony Romo may end up in the Hall, but for the same reason. Numbers. He's the Cowboys All-Time Leading Passer in yards, touchdowns and passer rating, but more often than not, you think of him going 8-8 with big turnovers.

    Some Cowboy fans love to use the numbers to say he's better than Staubauch and Aikman.

    Excuse me... I knew Roger Staubauch, and you, Mr. Romo, are no Roger Staubauch. Heck, Danny White can't get into the conversation with Roger and Troy. And White led the Cowboys to three straight NFC Title games. Romo took them to zero.

    And I know, he didn't have the talent around him, but the Cowboys were 2-7 in those win or go home games. And more often than not in those games, when the pressure was the biggest, Romo was THE REASON they lost. A fumbled hold. A timely interception or two or three.

    Look, I like Tony Romo. He's a great guy and this is a great move for he and his family. I'm glad he's taking care of his health. Nobody got more out of an undrafted free agent career than Tony Romo.

    But Staubauch was a Heisman winner. Troy was a No. 1 draft pick. They are QB blue bloods. Roger started in four Super Bowls and won two. And while Romo deserves credit for getting the most out of the talent he had. He's no Staubauch or Aikman. No Robinson or Duncan. No Hakeem or Moses. That club is reserved for winners. Champions.

    As for the Hall of Fame? He's on the bubble, and maybe he gets in just like Tracy McGrady.

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