Give LaMarcus some love and VOTE for him

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Tonight on Don's Extra Point, I'm going to do something I never thought I would do - Defend for LaMarcus Aldridge. Lobby for LaMarcus Aldridge.

Last year, most Spurs fans wanted him run out of town on a rial. Heck, the Spurs did too. They tried hard to trade him this summer, but when that didn't work out, Pop worked magic.

A heart-to-heart, a new contract and miraculously, a new LaMarcus. Believe it or not, a 28-14 record and 3rd in the West doesn't just magically appear, not without Kawhi and Tony out almost the entire first half.

L.A. is carrying the Spurs on his back and yet he's 10th in All-Star voting among front-court players. Come on!

Look, I'd love Kawhi and Manu to make the All-Star team, but neither are more deserving than Aldrige.

Fans, on my Twitter account, have shown up in droves to show Manu love, but Aldridge Meh. And I get it. Manu is engaging, personable and downright loveable. Kawhi and LA. Meh.

You love 'em because they can play, not because of their personalities, but at some point, All-Stars deserve to be All-Stars on merit alone.

So, you may not like him, but L.A. deserves your vote.

That's my point. Hit me up HERE.


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