Does UCF have a claim to National Championship?

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College Football is the subject of Don's Extra Point. Ready for this?

The University of Central Florida Knights are your national champs of college football. At least that's what they say, and you know what? I'm not going to argue with them.

There are plenty who will, including ESPN's Paul Finebaum, who says what the Knights are doing is an embarrassment.

He says it's kinda cute, but they are taking it too far.

The fact that they are all getting championship rings, having a parade and even paying over $300K in national championship bonuses to its coaches.

Some say its ridiculous. I say go for it UCF.

You did everything in your control. A perfect 13-0 season.

They didn't get a chance at the playoff against the two finalists - Alabama or Georgia - but you beat Auburn, and guess what? Auburn beat Alabama AND Georgia.

Now I know that both 'Bama and Georgia would be the betting favorite in a game with Central Florida, but the list of upsets in National Title Games is a mile long, and did I mention the Knights averaged almost 50 points a game?

So claim your title UCF. Have your parade and wear your ring. You are the only undefeated team in American, and until we get a system where that team gets at least a shot, then call yourselves champions all you want.

Nobody can prove otherwise.

Let's hear your take at Don Harris on Twitter.

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