Can UTSA fans rise to the challenge?

Josiah Tauaefa (Photo courtesy UTSA / Twitter)

Hey San Antonio football fans: You got your tickets yet?

Conference play opens Saturday for the UTSA Road Runners, and one more time if you haven't been paying attention; these guys are good! The Road Runners are undefeated. They have wins over Baylor, Southern and Texas State, and they have the number two defense in the entire country.

They are for real.

And in case you missed it, I made a plea last week, telling fans to get to the Dome. This team is legit! They had more fans back when they first started and weren't nearly this good.

And get this: Coach is on board with me calling out UTSA fans.

“The message to the fans is the challenge. We have a fan challenge right now. That Don started actually. I second and agree with it. It continues to be the message of our university,” said UTSA head coach Frank Wilson after watching our broadcast. “We're doing more now than ever before. And all we need to do is get those fans inside the Alamodome to support us. I know they'll be there. Each week the number keeps increasing. But we really want to challenge them as we start our conference play this week to be loud and to represent.”

Like I said. Saturday at 6pm. Alamodome. Be there.

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