Darius Songaila announces he's set to start work in player development for Spurs

    D. Songalia (file photo)

    Twitter: @JeffGSpursZone

    Former NBA forward, Darius Songaila, is set to start work with the San Antonio Spurs this week with player development.

    Daruis, who is in San Antonio, announced his role with the Spurs in an Instagram post saying he's excited to get started with the Spurs with the hashtag "player development".

    “Open Gym” starts monday, super excited to get started

    Darius has long retired from basketball and has been working as an assistant coach overseas for Lithuanian club algiris Kaunas since 2015. He also served as a coach for the Nets 2018 Summer League team.

    The Spurs have always given foreign coaches NBA experience.

    From Sebastian Ginobili (brother of Manu) who serves as a coach in Argentina to Serbian Sasa Obradovic for the 2018 Summer League, the Spurs are always looking to develop international coaching talent.

    Songaila was drafted by the Celtics in 2002 but didn't play in the NBA until 2003 with the Kings. He last played with the Sixers in 2011. He was also a teammate of Tim Duncan at Wake Forest.

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