Cowboys Draft: Can Dez be replaced?

    NFL Draft 2018

    We talkin' about the NFL Draft. Not the combine. Not senior day. Not rumors. Just the NFL Draft.

    Let's all be honest: everyone including Allen Iverson have zero clue what Draft Day will bring for 32 NFL teams. That's just how "practice" goes.

    We've seen the incredible, unthinkable, say whaaaat type of things during this glorious day. The Washington Redskins move to trade away all the Smithsonian's for their own statue... failed with Robert Griffin III in 2012 with the second overall pick. The Miami Dolphins giving up South Beach for a defensive end... with off-field issues in Dion Jordan in 2013 with the third overall pick. Who could forget "the arm" JaMarcus Russell and *Chris Berman voice here* the Oakland Raiders savior... couldn't lay off In-n-Out in 2007 for the golden first overall pick.

    Take a deep breathe, exhale, and tell Mell Kiper, Jr. to - in the words of Aaron Rodger - "R-E-L-A-X" out loud. He may be an ESPN acclaimed expert, but this is fan territory.

    People crazy enough to think the unbelievable can be wooed and disgruntled with every pick. When flags, jerseys, hats and possibly more are hanging in a person’s home: these fans mean business every day. Walking around like they own the championship belt when the pick is in.

    "With the fourth pick in the 2018 draft, the... wait there's been a trade!"

    The ever-so loved NFL Commissioner Rodger Goodell has someone walking to the podium with a new card.

    Who could it be? The Buffalo Bills pull the trigger and trade the 12th and 22nd picks, maybe more? The Denver Broncos pulling a Chicago Bears from a year ago, and move up one spot for possibly pennies on the dollar?

    Goodell finishes reading the card.

    "The Cleveland Browns have traded their the 4th overall pick along with the 64th, to the Dallas Cowboys for the 19th overall pick along with the 50th, 81st, 116th, 137th, 171st picks, and 2019's second round pick."

    What in the world did we all just witness?

    After the Browns drafted QB Sam Darnold with the first overall pick, then the New York "football" Giants selected RB Saquon Barkley with the second overall pick, finally the third overall pick being QB Josh Rosen by the New York Jets, Jerry Jones makes his move.

    What the franchise needs, the franchise gets. No matter the price tag, in "Jerry's World" anything is truly possible.

    Would the Dallas Cowboys make a statement move to the rest of the NFL and draft a Texan (born in Austin) quarterback in Baker Mayfield? The fire, the emotion and the ability to be a "game changer" in the collegiate level has scouts raving about his talent; however, does his demeanor off the grid-iron become an issue?

    Lots of dreams are going to become reality on Thursday, April 26th, 2018.

    Especially fans all 'bout them Cowboys.

    With the release of franchise player, throw up the "X" WR Dez Bryant gone in his Bentley, the need for offensive weapons just grew, big time.

    Dak and Zeke (just in-case you don't know their Batman and Robin names: QB Dak Prescott and RB Ezekiel Elliot) cannot do everything. The offensive line was top five two years ago, but that was two years ago. The Cowboys ranked only 26th in passing yards per game last year sitting at 196.3. Zeke ran for 135.6 yards per game last year. That was good for third best in the league.

    Recently signed WR Allen Hurns may be Dez's replacement. Alabama's Roll Tide machine WR Calvin Ridley or Texas bred, SMU played 6'4" and 214 pound WR Courtland Sutton could be there too with the Cowboys first round pick if they stay put.

    Decisions that change a legacy.

    Move up in the draft for a quarterback that could push a slightly-above average Cowboys team like Baker Mayfield? Even big arm, small school QB Josh Allen and 2016 Heisman winning QB Lamar Jackson may be available with a trade like that.

    Or give more weapons to Dak with the college wide-receivers that could be even better than Dez and his accolades?

    Think about that Cowboys fans.

    Commissioner Rodger Goodell will walk up to the microphone at ATT&T Stadium tomorrow night. When he does, fans will feel the pure excitement and joy before he starts the clock, sort of.

    "Good evening and welcome to the NFL Draft *being showered with boos.* Thanks for the warm welcoming, Texas *fans still raining in boos.* That's it! We are beyond delighted to be here in Dallas. Fans in the Lone Star state, we're here to celebrate the great game that we all know and love, and we celebrate as dreams come true. So it sounds like you're all ready. Are you ready?? The NFL Draft for 2018 is officially open. The Cleveland Browns are on the clock."

    The wait is over, the first three picks have gone, and the fourth pick is here.

    Get your popcorn and Capri Suns ready because the 'Boys may draft the next Dez Bryant, or Jerry may have eyes on the future, maybe seeing in one of these quarterbacks the next Troy Aikman.

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