Super Bowl teams at 100 percent for Sunday

Super Bowl teams at 100 percent for Sunday (SBG San Antonio)

SAN ANTONIO -- Who needs a white Christmas, when you've got a White Super Bowl Saturday? Snow fell overnight, then off and on all day in Minneapolis.

The temperature is expected to drop overnight, and the high for Super Bowl Sunday is a whopping 6 degrees.

The Super Bowl will kick off in just hours and with all the talk all week about the weather, there’s is one detail to remember – U.S. Bank Stadium is a dome - the weather won't be a factor.

Both teams held walk-through practices at the stadium Saturday. The biggest news – injuries -- or lack thereof. The final injury report is out, and both teams say they are 100-percent for Sunday.

What happens Sunday night could determine what happens to the city of Philly by Monday morning. Eagles fans are notorious for their reaction to wins and losses. Before the NFC Championship, city officials greased light poles with Crisco. How would they react to Philadelphia's first win ever in a Super Bowl?

When will the Cowboys be back?

You know who hates hearing all the Eagles -- Cowboys fans. The only thing worse to them than the Eagles being here is the Eagles actually winning it.

Will Dak Prescott ever lead his team to a Super Bowl? Only 3 quarterbacks in franchise history have done it -- Craig Morton, Troy Aikman and, of course, Roger Staubach.

The cowboys legend is in Minneapolis this week, and we got a chance to find out his confidence level on Dak Prescott and the Cowboys’ future.

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