Rutledge family opens new D-Bat facility


NEW BRAUNFELS - The Rutledge family is known for producing champions and excellence, and now they are on to a new endeavor. Clint Rutledge is the owner and operator of D-BAT New Braunfels, a training facility for developing beliefs, attitudes and traditions.

“When we saw that and we saw it was affiliated with sports. We knew it would be a good fit for our family and what we have been about for a long time,” Rutledge said.

D-BAT is a nationally franchise athletic facility, equipped with batting cages for baseball and softball. The New Bruanfels location has 21,000 square feet of “top of the line” turf indoors and 12,000 square feet of outdoor turf space. Eventually the facility will have a full football field behind it.

“We wanted it to be a wow factor when you come in and I think we accomplished that,” Rutledge said.

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