Spurs fall to Jonathon Simmons and the Orlando Magic 103-98

The Spurs reunite with their old buddy Jonathon Simmons.

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Quick Summary:

The San Antonio Spurs (2-2) lost their final home preseason contest to the Orlando Magic, 98-103. The Spurs were in control for most of the game and at one point led by as many as double figures. However, a lackluster fourth period where San Antonio only scored 13 points, and 21 total turnovers led to the loss.

Top Scorer:

LaMarcus Aldridge with 16 points.

Notable Player:

Rudy Gay with 13 points, 7 rebounds and 4 assists.


“I feel really comfortable right now and I think Pop [Gregg Popovich] has made some tweaks to help me feel more comfortable, so I think it all goes to him. [I got] some different looks out there, and I can touch it from different spots. It’s been helping out.” - Spurs' LaMarcus Aldridge.


Game Highlights:

Up Next:

Spurs at Rockets, Fri. Oct 13 in Houston for the team's preseason finale.

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