Petition surfaces to save Spurs Silver Dancers

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Recently, it was announced the San Antonio Spurs were creating a new co-ed "Hype Team" which would all but replace the Spurs Silver Dancers moving forward.

Since 1992, the team entertained the Spurs home crowd and met with fans prior to tip-off at the AT&T Center but the Spurs cited lack of fan interest as a reason to disband the group all together.

Founder of the team, Rosalyn Jones, couldn't believe the news and was left confounded as she told the Washington Post.

“Why now? I don’t understand the explanation that there was a lack of interest. If that was the case, shouldn’t they have conveyed that to the choreographer and brought those concerns to her at some point? Give her a chance to address it. But there were never any complaints.”

However, a new petition has surface to hopefully move the Spurs Sports & Entertainment to reconsider the decision.

The petition states:

The Silver Dancers have kept Spurs fans proud of their team for 26 years. Unfortunately Spurs Sports & Entertainment has decided to disband our Silver Dancers for a “co-ed hype team.” The Spurs already have Team Energy and the Silver Dancers. Many fans, including myself, have already took to Twitter that this is a huge setback for both the Spurs and their fan base. Thousands of young girls’ dreams of becoming a Silver Dancer have been crushed. If you want your voice heard by Spurs Sports & Entertainment, please sign this petition to keep the Silver Dancers and prove that they are definitely not “lacking fan interest.”

What say you Spurs fans? Do you agree with the decision or believe the dance team should come back?

If you'd like to sign the petition, click HERE.

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