LOOK: Tim Duncan hands out food on San Antonio's West Side

    Tim Duncan

    UPDATE -- In a chat with @TacoMonster, Tim Duncan made the visit to the city's West Side a couple of months ago. His stop was near Zarzamora next to the Produce Terminal when the photo was snapped.

    "He (Duncan) was there and gone. He stopped and let people take pictures with him. Just care packages full of stuff."

    "It was in the Gardens off of Zamora. My co-worker and I were listening to the podcast RJ (Richard Jefferson) and Channing (Frye) do with Tim on it and he said, 'Tim was at my moms housing dropping off food.'"

    @TacoMonster went on to say they were stunned but pleasantly surprised at Duncan's visit.

    "We were puzzled because we thought it was only Virgin Islands that he was doing stuff for but it makes sense because the (San Antonio) Food Bank is down the way on Highway 90."


    What more can you say about San Antonio Spurs legend Tim Duncan?

    Everyone knows what he did on the court during his playing days in San Antonio but what he recently did is simply outstanding.

    According to @TacoMonster210, Duncan was spotted a few months ago on San Antonio's west side handing out food to the needy and left. No fanfare nor need for the spotlight on him. He just did what anyone should do for their community.

    Check it out:

    Duncan has been honored with his own mural depicted as "Uncle Tim."

    Since retiring from the NBA, Duncan focused on repairing his home country of the Virgin Islands in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma and continues to lead relief efforts.

    Duncan should serve as a role model and a beacon for all to look up to and strive to be.


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