Ex-Spur Stephen Jackson claims he was 'definitely' a better player than Manu Ginobili

    Stephen Jackson Spurs

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    Former San Antonio Spurs forward Stephen Jackson is back at it and taking aim at his former teammate - Manu Ginobili.

    During an interview with Fox Sports' Colin Cowherd, Jackson was asked if he felt he was better than any Hall of Fame bound players.

    Among his list was Ginobili.

    "I definitely think I was better than Ginobili. Oh, definitely.
    If I stayed in that (Spurs) system, in San Antonio, but I went to a lot other places and put up 20 points."

    Ginobili retired this offseason with a basketball resume worthy of the Hall of Fame.

    He is a four-time NBA champion, and NBA All-Star (something Jackson was not), an Olympic gold medal winner, and will go down as arguably the best sixth-man to play in the NBA.

    Weigh in Spurs fans. What do you have to say about Jackson's latest dig at the Spurs? Let me know on Twitter at @JeffGSpursZone.

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