Carrizo Springs student with cerebral palsy wins homecoming king

    Dulce Guerra

    CARRIZO SPRINGS, Texas - Sometimes, it's hard to get Carrizo Springs senior Jacob Garcia up for school. His mother says it was a completely different story the last few weeks, all thanks to Victor Moreno, a football player at her son's school.

    Dulce Guerra, Jacob's mother, says Moreno went to the principal to ask a favor. He wanted Jacob to come out of the tunnel with the team before the homecoming game. The ball began to roll and next thing she knew, Guerra got a call from the school saying Jacob had been nominated for homecoming king. At the pep rally before the game, the football team brought him on the court as the school rained cheers on Jacob.

    Emotional. The only word Guerra and her husband were able to think of when it happened.

    Then, at the game, he took to the front of the team, leading them out of the tunnel.

    "Jacob is blessed to be surrounded by classmates with great hearts," Guerra said. "A memorable day he will carry with him always."


    Later, it was announced Jacob was the winner.

    The rest of the night, Jacob was in model mode, ready to pose at every turn.

    That whole day he didn't want to remove the crown.

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