Churchill's Dugan inspiring others on the diamond

Churchill baseball player inspiring others

There are sounds the Churchill baseball team are used to hearing this time of the season, but for Joshua Dugan those sweet sounds of the baseball postseason don't ring the same way.

Being deaf on the diamond adds a layer of difficulty that the rest of his teammates don't have to worry about. Yet, it hasn't stopped Joshua from making the Churchill varsity roster this season.

Playing on the team hasn’t been as easy as you think. Joshua does have an interpreter in the team huddles, but on the field it is a different story. Joshua’s communication has provided challenges for both his teammates and himself, and has shaped the way they all play the game.

Yet, all the obstacles haven't slowed him down this year. Joshua became the first deaf baseball player at Churchill High School to record a hit. Plus, next year he will be playing college baseball at Galludet University. A program suited for deaf baseball players, coached by the first deaf baseball player in Major League history.

For Joshua Dugan, he might not hear the ping of the bat or the pounding of the leather, but he hopes his journey rings for all to hear for time to come.

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